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Our fun and upbeat Minneapolis children’s dentist office provides kids with a comfortable environment from caring, friendly staff.


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When you visit Forbes Dental Care, our goal is to create a positive and comfortable experience that will result in a life-long relationship of trust and confidence with you and your child. We are confident that your child will feel comfortable in our fun and upbeat office with our caring, friendly and helpful staff.


Your Child’s First Dental Visit

We recommend that a child’s first oral health visit take place at the age of 2 1/2 to 3. This is an ideal time for our dental team to evaluate your child’s oral, dental and nutritional health, as well as to diagnose any problems which may exist. The first dental visit to our Minneapolis children’s dentist includes an exam where Dr. Forbes will check your child’s existing teeth for decay. During the visit, Dr. Forbes will also check for potential issues with over or under bite, gums and oral tissue. If ready, your child will receive teeth cleaning as well from our hygienist. After the exam, Dr. Forbes will provide advise about proper oral healthcare for your child.


Children’s Dental Services

From preventive dental care to treating extensive tooth decay, we offer a wide variety of dental services to meet your child’s oral needs.

Minneapolis Children's Dentist Check-ups


Children should receive a dental check-up at least twice a year.  We recommend every 6 months as a way to monitor the child’s oral growth.  This gives Dr. Forbes an opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with the parent and child.

Minneapolis Children's Dentist Cleanings


Prophy dental cleanings are necessary procedures to ensure a child’s ongoing oral health.  This cleaning by the dental hygienist is used to remove plaque and tartar.  This type of cleaning leaves the surface of the tooth smooth and clean. This type of children’s dental cleaning procedure is not painful; therefore kids should take them fairly easily.

Minneapolis Children's Dentist Fluoride Treatment


Fluoride treatments are used to prevent cavities (tooth decay) or repair teeth.  In children with a high risk of developing cavities, fluoride treatments may be used to help fight the spread of decay.  Fluoride treatments generally only take a few minutes.  Fluoride treatments are done by simply rubbing the solution directly on the child’s teeth with a cotton swab or brush.

Minneapolis Children's Dentist Sealants


Children’s dental sealants are a preventative treatment also known as fissure sealants.  Plastic material is inserted into the pits, fissures or chewing surfaces of the child’s tooth.  Sealants are used to prevent pieces of food from being trapped in the pits or fissures of the tooth, and help to prevent the spread of cavities.

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