Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can help save your natural teeth and prevent future dental issues.

Minneapolis Root Canal Therapy


Protect your teeth

Root Canal therapy is a process to protect and keep a sick or dying tooth. Chronic tooth pain from contact with hot and cold liquids or pain from pressure or biting down may be signs of an infected or sick tooth due to decay or injury. It’s important to have a dentist examine your teeth for root canal issues to prevent any infections from spreading.


The root canal therapy solution

Inside each tooth is a pulp chamber that contains the nerves and blood supply for the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected due to decay or injury to the tooth, the pulp must be removed from the center of the tooth and the canals of each root. Once the infected pulp is removed the remaining chamber is filled with rubber-based material to seal it off.

All teeth that have had root canal therapy must be protected with a tooth-like artificial covering known as a crown. This is because teeth that have had the pulp removed are more susceptible to fracture.

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