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Gentle Minneapolis Dental Care

Our full-service Minneapolis family dentist office provides general dental care to help you maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

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Preventative Minneapolis Dental Care Services

Preventative Care Services

Our professional staff provides a full range of preventive dental care services to patients of all ages – from toddlers to seniors. Whether it’s been months or years since you’ve had a cleaning, we will focus on your individual needs and desires to maintain a healthy mouth.
Minneapolis Cosmetic Dental Care Services

Cosmetic Procedures

If you’re afraid to smile because of the way your teeth look, we can help! Our cosmetic dentistry services will have you feeling more confident and loving your smile. We bring the sparkle! Payment plans are available for all cosmetic dental treatments with prior consent.
Restorative Minneapolis Dental Care Services

Restorative Dentistry

The experienced Minneapolis dental staff at Forbes Dental Care are the pros when it comes to restoring your perfect smile. From simple fillings to full mouth restoration – we know how to bring the sparkle back to your mouth.
Minneapolis Advanced Dental Care Services

Advanced Dental Services

Our Minneapolis Dental Care office provides a variety of advanced dental services to help you maintain or restore your oral health. Please review our advanced dental service offerings below for more detailed information and frequently asked questions.
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